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What is OMGC? OMGC is a useful tricks and tips in your computer it can help you to express your own feelings and it can help you to have a lot of friends here in OMGC.

here is the RULES AND REGULATION in OMGC Forum
1.Use our common sense.
2.No spamming ...avoid OFF TOPIC
3.obey here in OMGC forum
4.Avoid saying bad word(s)
here are some words that cause u a BANNED.
*SHIT also in tagalog
*FUCK YOU also in tagalog
*BITCH and etc
-and also the other words who can interrupt others.
5.No copycats
6.If ok to you, we need to right a correct spelling Avoid using shortcut keys but you can use BTW,FYI,etc.
7.BE polite in the other members, if you know that their ranked is much high to you
8.Put your POSTS on correct thread.
9.Don't talk about PORNOGRAPHICS movies,pictures etc.

Here are the Value if you break the rules
1.spamming.. +20 BANNED
3.saying bad words.. +15 BANNED
4.saying about PORNOGRAPHICS.. +20 BANNED
5.Saying Bad words to other members much high RANK to you.. +50 BANNED

NOTE: we will give you a warning if we can see you have a mistakes.
It can be 3 warnings only.
*1st warning +5 BANNED
*2nd warning +10 BANNED
*3rd warning +20 BANNED

any questions about our RULES just post that in the help corner.tnx


this rules are for this whole forum
if you did not obey any of this rules your ban points will increase.
and when your ban points reached the maximum percent which is 100, you will automatically banned here in forum.

ban #1= your account will delete
ban #2= your email will not accept here in OMGC
ban #3= your IP address will ban here, so you cannot enter OMGC anymore. (unless you use other PC)

ok let start with the Rules

1. Any Post about deliberate discourtesy to OMGC officers is not allowed.
2. Any post about hacking or Cracking password is also not allowed.
4. Any Post that is none sense or not connected to the topic is not allowed.
5. Posting Bad words is not allowed :x
6. always speak in english (as much as posible)
7. Spamming is not allowed
8. Copying tricks is also not allowed (unless you get a permission)
9.OFF TOPIC is not allowed
10. copying post is also not allowed
11. Posting Porn sites are not allowed.
12. You should only have 1 account here on OMGC

by -ADMIN(S)

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