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 Jamby Madrigal Defiles Cory Aquino's Funeral

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PostSubject: Jamby Madrigal Defiles Cory Aquino's Funeral   Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:02 pm

As I was browsing through Facebook, I saw a friend of mine post a note about how Jamby Madrigal defiled Cory Aquino's wake. She and her mom decided to buy a yellow umbrella while waiting for the cortege, and the guy who was selling peanuts (who also happens to be selling the umbrella) gave them a yellow bracelet for free. These were his exact words: "Eto o, bonus para sainyo." Of course, my friend couldn't help but be touched by it, until she actually looked at the bracelet and saw a little tag with the name and photo of Jamby Madrigal.

I may not be living in the Philippines anymore, but I still care about the country a lot. It depresses me how foul some people can be: subtle electioneering in a funeral?! Shame on her. Despite the entire country mourning for probably the only woman who had and will have an extremely huge impression on the Filipino people, somebody just manages to steal the opportunity and campaign. Politicians in the Philippines disgust me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed to be a Filipino nor am I throwing away the thought that I am one simply because of some foul politician trying to campaign in a funeral. I am ashamed though, that she's one.

Most Filipinos' thirst for power is just unbelievable. For those who care about the Philippines, spread the word on how Jamby Madrigal defiled Cory Aquino's funeral! She already has announced her 'plan' on running for the 2010 Presidential Elections and I just can't live with it if she wins.

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Jamby Madrigal Defiles Cory Aquino's Funeral

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